Eternities ago, there was a window opening
the ceilings of my youth, a wormhole to a Star
unseen, split seconds opened as a pair of
wings, uplifting, ocean deep, a blue reminder
of a dream yet to be dreamt, taking my life
back to the womb it barely had outlived: was
it perhaps Your wish  to take me back, because
my journey here had to Your Eye fulfilled Your
imprinted demand?  I stayed, forgot about Your
Call, ignored the Love so generously poured
into my Soul and went to sleep, and so retired
I walked blindfolded, equally guided, and
with each step  the window narrowed, leaving
only a faint and distant ray,  forgotten scent,
the remnant of a slow perfume, disintegrating.
And now, You’re here again, it’s through the
door You enter now,  and no, no more can I
ignore,  Your wish was not retirement for me,
there is a Life to live, and wings to spread, a
million waves to dance to on an ocean breeze,
through the wormhole, born again, I breathe,
I thank You then, and silently I recognize
sometimes it’s better to retire, to wind up, so
as better to give way to Life’s umbilical cord,
the imprinted Fire of our Heart and Soul.

(picture: tree rings and nodes)

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