The Flames Of Change

This an I Ching reading inspired by something that happened two years ago. While ordening files on my computer, I stumbled on a 1min video I recorded in 2010 while attending a great joyful fire party in open air. I filmed the fire itself, but it wasn’t until now that I noticed a detail that didn’t strike me then. In the video below I included it and you can find out my thoughts & the connection with the I Ching on this remarkable coincidence. It proves to show that our vision on Time too often is limited by our restricted views on its development. Take your “time” 😉 , it’s a 22m22s video, andt that’s not a coincidence either, since afterwards I noticed it was the 22nd video I uploaded on Youtube 🙂

The Flames Of Change 🙂

Fire Dance 🙂

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

“Our Lady of Perpetual Help”, an anonymous 15th century Byzantine icon, handmade reproduction on a piece of driftwood (25x17cm) found at the beach. It was warm heartedly given to me & made by Dora, our school secretary. The original one has quite a remarkable & interesting story, which you can read on Wikipedia
Here’s a poem I wrote, on my return of Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, july 2002, inspired by Our Lady:
As I am walking in this world of words
sometimes I keep forgetting how once
– inspired- I was returning home when
suddenly You spoke and down the hill
You came in shining white, Your music
as from heaven sent was all around,
and how it told me to have patience,
O I remember how my heart was filled
with joy, I hardly couldn’t wait and now,
while looking in Your eyes I feel a touch
of paradise, I finally have found an answer
beyond words.
ps: here a picture explaining the symbols on the icon:


Toen ik het water zag wist ik geen blijf
met de tranen die maar bleven stromen,
een rivier naast de rivier,
alsof een nieuwe bron zomaar ontsprong,
verdriet dat lang in diepe kloven,
krochten en gewelven kronkelde
alsof het water dacht te zijn,
maar toen het plots naast de rivier
dan eindelijk tevoorschijn kwam
bleek het de adem van het leven zelf te zijn,
dat wonderbaarlijk altijd durend kloppen
van een dooraderend bestaan,
zonder begin en zonder einde
dit weten en dit water samen
zorgen voor een nooit vergeten.

Lourdes, februari 2010

The Womb


 Seasons ~ Ebb ~ Flow
Bride and Groom
Ocean ~ Desert  
Star and Moon
Life ~ Death ~ Man ~Beast
Day of Doom
All  Are Mastered by
The Womb

“Every midwife knows
that not until a mother’s womb
softens in the pain of labor
will a way unfold and the infant
find that opening
through which it can be born.
O my friend,
there is treasure in your heart,
and it is heavy with child.
All the awakened ones,
like trusted midwives
are saying to you,
Welcome this pain.
Let it open
the dark passageway
of grace.”

(italics:) Rumi 

(I found the Rumi poem @ Diane Walker’s blog, pay a visit there!)

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