The Promise


As sure as seasons and as sure as stars, as sure as
ocean’s breathing ebb and flow, as sure as sun and
rain, or arrow leaving bow, as sure as mother’s womb
gives birth to all: a greater force encompasses it all,
so when we go to sleep it is to wake up and collect
what has been given, it is to carefully consider how
and when we are to fit each little drop into an ocean
we can call our own, our dreams then are the waves
that keep on rolling on the darkened shores, never
revealing what the smiling Moon was witnessing,
while rising Sun is waiting for our eyes to reap,
and so it is: there is a Postman that continuously
delivers, even our smallest wish is handled with the
utmost care, He knows what message matches with
our Soul’s desire, He trusts our Heart eventually shall
break the code of whatever lies encrypted in the Letter
He imprinted in our deepest vault, who, when or where,
however, this mystery we never shall unfold, we only are
recipients, but here it is: as sure as seasons and as sure as
stars, as sure as ocean’s breathing ebb and flow, as sure as
rising sun, as crescent Moon, or arrow leaving bow, as sure
as mother’s womb gives birth to all, so is the Postman’s
Promise: your Letter was delivered, it just craves for you
to use your opening key, enter the vault, trust your Heart
and read: believe Love is the greater force encompassing it all.

(img: “Christmas”, oil on canvas, 1964, F.Vercnocke)


My soul is ageless as a star,
not yet discovered, but
present for the matching eye,
should you one day then dig
for gold and find my heart,
be gentle, before you reach
be sure, because once opened
it will travel at the speed of light,
and finally, when both unite,
this newborn constellation
will only be for you to recognize.

(picture “Milky Way Galaxy”
> )


The heart beats softly when it asks
for pleasure and wild when love
is given in return, like as a storm
falls suddenly asleep when sun is
there to meet. When clouds are
passing by, then wind will come
to blow all sorrows in oblivion.
So when you ask for pleasure
don’t forget, your heart will still
remember, comes rain or wind,
comes sleep.

Dreaming Heart ~ Corazòn Soñando

(Poem in 7 languages)

Corazòn soñando (Espanol)

Un sueño no es ningùn secreto,
ningùn tesoro para conservar
en solitario en un sòtano, no,
es Madre, son Almas Gemelas,
que sigue repitiendo sir parar,
rogandole que le exponga
en el cuarto del Corazòn
para que asì Padre, el innato
deseo del Hermano pueda
revelarse sin dolor.

Del-e Khabi (Farsi)

Khab chize ghajimi nist, na gandj
ke baiast ghajem kand dar amari na,
Maudar-e, khabare roh ke bedone
kafi bar migarde, da-ah mikone
dar draghe del ke be hame betone
neskon bede ke pedar, baradar
yek areroje be donja omaderan
neskon bede.

Dromend Hart (Nederlands)

Een droom is geen geheim, noch schat om
eenzaam te bewaren in een kelderkamer,
nee, het is Moeder, Zuster Ziel die zich
onophoudelijk blijft  herhalen, bidden
hem in de kamer van het Hart tentoon
te spreiden zodat Vader, Broeders ingeboren
wens, zich moeiteloos kan openbaren

Coeur Rêvant (Français)

Un rêve n’est ni secret, ni trésor
à conserver en solitaire dans une cave,
non, c’est Mère, Âme soeur, répétant
continuellement, priant s’ouvrir au fond du coeur
de sorte que Père, l’inné désir de Frère,
puisse se révéler sans peine.

Dreaming Heart (English)

A dream is not a secret, nor a treasure
to be hidden in a solitary cellar room,
no, it is Mother, Sister Soul continually
beating, begging for unfolding in Heart’s room,
so that Father, Brother’s innate
desire, is able to reveal effortlessly

Traumend Herz (Deutsch)

Ein Traum ist kein Geheimnis, noch Schatz
um einzam zu bewaren in einem Kellerzimmer,
nein, es ist Mutter, Schwester Seele die unaufhörlich
wiederholen bleibt, beten ihr im Zimmer Herzens
zu verbeiten so des Vaters Wunsch, der Brüder
angeborenen, sich mühelos öffentlich zeigen kan.

Marzace Serce (Polski)

Marzenie nie jest sekretem a ni Skarbem,
Które samotnie chowa sie, w piwnicy,
Nie, to jest Matke, Dusza siostrzana,
Powtarzajac sie bez Konca w glebi serca
i modlac Jako Ojciec, wrodzone pozadanie
Brata moze marzenie sie objawic

(comments appreciated in case of mistranslations 😉 )

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