Wide Vercnocke

Zeer persoonlijk portret door Jan Bultheel over mijn zoon Wide, striptekenaar, graficus, illustrator, en zo veel meer. Film en gefilmde vloeien in en door elkaar en vormen aldus een nieuw, uniek kunstwerk.  Centraal staat het scheppingsproces, dat zich al kan uiten in zoiets banaal als koffiezetten.

ANTILLIA School Project

This Summer of 2012 I finally made a dream come true, a dream I cherished more than 30 years ago (1979) when I started my ‘professional’ life as a secondary school teacher (see “Aboutman“): creating my own school. In August we start with a first “course”/ workshop which also is a holiday on “COINCIDENCE / SYNCHRONICITY / TOEVAL”. We do this at a beautiful & powerful location in Dordogne/Périgord, France from August 3rd to August 10th 2012. Always welcome!
For more info (e.g. on the name of the school), other courses, workshops, holidays etc just go to: ANTILLIA

We hope to welcome you, as a student, as a teacher  or as just YOU in the TIME to come 🙂

June 1st, 1955 > me & my mother (she’s now 92+1,5) > at 1 point in life we have to make peace with our past, come to terms with it, and be grateful our Soul chose this place to blossom & flourish > each of our moments here is an opportunity for a rebirth, to become the “I” we are meant to be, so it’s a deep & grateful Thank You Mother 🙂



What happens when the snow has melted?
The undercovered now returns to light,
my eyes have to adjust and for a moment now
it seems as if the world becomes a darker place,
it is returning to the homeland without feeling
home, as if it were another one who has now
occupied the ground, the landlord long forgotten
and his name not welcome anymore, though
everything is still in place, there is an uninhabited
emptiness not leaving any room for memories,
it feels as an awakening to new beginnings,
the only company old tools to start reboot.
What happens when the snow has melted?
Tell me the truth, uncover then discover how
everything what at first sight lay hidden, now
is adjusted and waiting for your memory
to get stored, so focus right, become new light,
be the blueprint that the snow has melted.

img > our Firetable

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