aBout: RomBout Vercnocke. Womb Poet. Marian Herald. Teacher. Video  & Spoken Word Artist. DJ & MC. Shaman. WomBus Living. Spiritual. Romantic. Interested in web technology. Always wondering & wandering (in- & outside, up & down). Nederlands, English, Français. (In the picture above, on the right in the distance my previous WomBus, a VWLT31. We parted in 2010, and now I’m Wombus Living & Traveling in my VWCrafter35 -see header-, so still in the same family! 😉 )

phone +32476523222


This song and performance articulates best the way I try to live my life (in Dutch, with lyrics in Dutch, click for English subtitles):

and this:

en zeker ook het “onderweg” zijn,  en gewiegd worden, being on the road, “roaming in the womb of being” … ❤

There is also this painting, kind of my Soul’s Imprint:

Pax Tibi


Painting “Pax Tibi” (= ‘Peace to you’), oil on canvas, 100x80cm, on my request by my father,
and a crafted dish,  a present from my godfather at my birth .
The dish is a unique ceramic piece of art by Joost Maréchal (1911-1971)
– see: http://www.joostmarechal.be/ .
The two swans symbolising my zodiac sign (twins), above them Ygrassil, the Tree of Life.
On the painting some of the things I wanted my father to paint because they always had impressed me, he was kind enough to grant me my request:
Saint-Rumbold’s Cathedral (Mechelen, Belgium) after which I was named,
a moai from Eastern Island,
Saint Mark’s Lion holding the text “Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus”, symbol of the city of Venice,
and the two swans from the ceramic plate.
And, important, all this is surrounded by the “SEA”, womb of all life on Earth.


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  1. Hello,

    Do you know if any of Han Boering’s books have been translated into english? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Jeff, well some years ago I started translating Han’s I Ching Pocket Edition, but I never got farther then Hexagram 5… (quite symbolic!). The intention still is there to translate Han’s major work eventually, your question brings this back to mind! But for the moment there is no English translation I know of 🙂

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