Song of the Dancing Eagles

and look with me
let’s listen
to the swing of those great wings
and hear with me
there is the trumpet of wise majesty
and feel with me
the magic of their heart
beating with mystery
with their flow
again again
until our blood is flying through our veins
and we are lifted
Then dance
let’s dance
to the blue rhythm of our Lady’s call
And though we are earthbound
they take us to our Father’s ground
a distant valley on a drop of wind
and breathe with me
into this ancient melody
and look with me
there is a paradise to see
and feel with me
there is the water of that endless sea
and flow with me
there is a being beyond me
and swing with me
love this eagle
feel it fly in Thee

Birth Meditation

1st >
look for a cosy and warm place where you feel “@ HOME”
2nd >
try not to get disturbed during 30 minutes
3rd >
use a good headphone, or better do it without headphones and see that you can experience the sound in the best way possible
4th >
don’t turn the volume too loud, just see that you feel “@ ease” with the sound
5th >
use more low tones than high tones
6th >
dim the lights, use some candles, make red colours prevail
7th >
use Internet Explorer & click on the link below (will open in new window)
8th >
you will be asked to click on numbers 1 + 2 +3 > all will open in new windows
9th >
cover your computer screen
10th >
lie down as warm & comfortable as possible
11th >
let it flow > “energy goes where intention goes” 🙂


image > Sunset @ Port Of Antwerp, Belgium, May 2010

Silent Sea Of Soul

As waves are to the sea so time is to
the mind: moments come and go, then
come again, and if we try to hold them,
and cherish what they offer they just
go again, but always something then
is left behind, not for the eye to see
but for the Heart to feel, and finally,
when we stop wondering where all
this is coming from, we are ready to
receive, our eyes then open, as time
is to the mind and waves are to the sea,
so Love is to our Soul,  eventually.

(animation via )

Soul Healing Sun Meditation

Go Full Screen and watch this Soul Healing Meditation… relax while the Sun is setting. Breathe… let go…. then watch again, mark how your thoughts wander and focus on new images…. breathe… let go… be healed and transformed  by the Power of  Light bearing Energy.

95 picture sequence  taken in 10 minute time lapse @ Antwerp Harbour
Music: “What makes your heart beat?” Composition/Percussion:
Bert Evens & Mudita

Healing Heart Meditation

You’ll be surprised by the healing effects… Go Full Screen. See how each second new images arise… bring birth to new possibilities… Watch and watch again… let your thoughts flow, tune in with the whirling, changing clouds, breathe… let go… be healed and  inspired by the Divine Breath of “The One Who Gives Birth To God”.

(Video composed of 95 pictures in sequence during a 2 minute time lapse pointing at one identical sky fragment, taken with Nikon D5000 camera ~autofocus on July, 19th, 2011, Leuven, Belgium, Music: Ave Maria)

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