Birth Meditation

1st >
look for a cosy and warm place where you feel “@ HOME”
2nd >
try not to get disturbed during 30 minutes
3rd >
use a good headphone, or better do it without headphones and see that you can experience the sound in the best way possible
4th >
don’t turn the volume too loud, just see that you feel “@ ease” with the sound
5th >
use more low tones than high tones
6th >
dim the lights, use some candles, make red colours prevail
7th >
use Internet Explorer & click on the link below (will open in new window)
8th >
you will be asked to click on numbers 1 + 2 +3 > all will open in new windows
9th >
cover your computer screen
10th >
lie down as warm & comfortable as possible
11th >
let it flow > “energy goes where intention goes” 🙂


image > Sunset @ Port Of Antwerp, Belgium, May 2010

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