The choice to be is not an easy one,
though as for living, there is no
forgetting, as waves roll on and on
so is the air I breathe, in and out,
so is the being of the Soul, and yes,
it is for free, no choice has to be made,
you are the One, the only One,
to read and be as morning Sun.


Some smoke is dancing in the snow,
it makes me think of You, my Love,
some smoke is dancing in the snow,
there are no leaves and trees are naked,
O my Love, some smoke is dancing
with the snow, is there a message
then for me, are You inviting me, O,
so graciously, so graciously, I hear
Your voice, it hasn’t melted yet,
O Lord, my Lord of Frost, shall You
then keep Her here, before my Love
has melted, melted by some smoke,
here, dancing in the snow.


“So streams the fullness into you,
when things and thoughts cannot contain it.”
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
the way You keep on pouring is as
boundless as the Sea, even when
darkness is surrounding me, still
You keep pouring, even when I’m
at a loss for words Your Silence is
a beacon, I can rest assured, O yes,
I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
when storms are roaring, when on
my way all doors are closing, when
nowhere is a refuge to be found, my
little lamp consumed, and to the rim
my cup is filled, still You keep pouring,
O yes, I cannot be but grateful for the
Love You pour abundantly  into my Soul.


Soul Healing Sun Meditation

Go Full Screen and watch this Soul Healing Meditation… relax while the Sun is setting. Breathe… let go…. then watch again, mark how your thoughts wander and focus on new images…. breathe… let go… be healed and transformed  by the Power of  Light bearing Energy.

95 picture sequence  taken in 10 minute time lapse @ Antwerp Harbour
Music: “What makes your heart beat?” Composition/Percussion:
Bert Evens & Mudita

Healing Heart Meditation

You’ll be surprised by the healing effects… Go Full Screen. See how each second new images arise… bring birth to new possibilities… Watch and watch again… let your thoughts flow, tune in with the whirling, changing clouds, breathe… let go… be healed and  inspired by the Divine Breath of “The One Who Gives Birth To God”.

(Video composed of 95 pictures in sequence during a 2 minute time lapse pointing at one identical sky fragment, taken with Nikon D5000 camera ~autofocus on July, 19th, 2011, Leuven, Belgium, Music: Ave Maria)

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