I feel there is some magic in the air
and it is looking for a home and
crying out, and all I have to do is
let it in and open up, O yes I know
I have the key to welcome this new
life, the rhythm of my heart beating
with Yours when we embrace and
dance, so now I shall surrender to
the music of Your soul and opening
the door I’ll give You room to breathe.

(image: “Echnaton”, Ferdinand Vercnocke, oil on canvas, 100cmx80cm)

Satellite Souls

I woke up this morning while the night
was slowly loosening its last embrace
leaving her sorrows in a million diamonds
on the grass and as the sun is setting they
too will soon have to surrender their richness
in safekeeping to the smiling moon and both
today are travellers on different paths but
should they meet for a brief moment out of
the darkness an eternal treasure will instantly
enlighten our satellite souls.

Dancing Eagles


and look with me

let’s listen
to the swing
of those great wings

and hear with me
there is the trumpet
of wise majesty

and feel with me
the magic of their heart
beating with mystery

with their flow
again again
until our blood
is flying through our veins
and we are lifted

Then dance
let’s dance
to the blue rhythm
of our Ladies call

And though
we are earthbound
they take us
to our Father’s ground
a distant valley
on a drop of wind

and breathe with me
into this ancient melody

and look with me
there is a paradise to see

and feel with me
there is the water
of that endless sea

and flow with me
there is a being beyond me

and swing with me
love this eagle
feel it fly in Thee

”…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:31)


image on top: Larry Medcalfe


Yes, I must confess again
I like to float in, float on
water, a surface somewhere
in between a mountain
high and river deep, this
floating then becoming
ship at the horizon, I,
drink deep, the more
the getting there the less
I see, the more consumed
the more your Light is
piercing, one single Moon
beam in the darkest night,
a golden touch to warm
up icy water, O Yes, I
must confess again I like
to float on water somewhere
in between, a yesterday
embracing time, a you,
a me, and I

picture above taken & poem written @ Dominican Abbey ~Courtyard,
 Zwolle, The Netherlands, May 20th,  2011
Book presentation Kirsten Notten ‘Maria’s Dochter’,
the Mary statue below is Kirsten’s  powerful  “Memorare”



A lighthouse be,
mirror the beauty
of that inward eye,
echo the silence and
become the sea, turn,
return, a beacon be,
reflect the answer,
come with me,
to any ship then
you will be as is
to time eternity

img © Friedrich A. Löhmuller

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