(France, Biarritz,  Sunset @ Rocher De La Vierge & Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Atlantic Ocean beach, February 25th, 2009, a magic moment in front of my lens)

Sometimes we hesitate between tomorrow and today,
the burden of yesterday upon our shoulders as an ocean
wave, too heavy for a ride. Sometimes we hesitate upon
that selfsame wave, we hesitate, we linger, we listen to
the wind perhaps there is a message there before we
drown in thoughts about these waves that on and on roar
through our heads as a forgotten love, long, long forgotten
but present, each second coming, coming and again:
you see Here face in front of you, with every hand She
lays upon the beach a deadly kiss, but still this wind is
irresistible, is loud and clear and yet again we hesitate,
shall we then sing with Her this ancient melody, written
in a thousand pebbles on the shore? Sometimes we hesitate
between tomorrow and today, the burden of a yesterday
upon our shoulders as an ocean wave, but once the die is cast
we fly, O we sing, we dance and glide, no cold can hold us
back, this beach is ours and we meet our Love, we roll and
turn, become the Wave, Her arms around us, gently rocking,
Her voice a lullaby we recognize from first we entered, O
yes, and here She is, for us only for us, and up and down
we go, we roll and rock, we shout exhilarated, we enter in
Her curve, She is inviting us again, again, Her wave a womb
to live our lives so fast and faster still until the winter carries
us above the water, we have wings and eagle like we leave
the cave, invited by the Sun as if we were a newborn Star,
O yes, we shine, we shine with our new Light years and
years ahead, beyond all hesitation found our Love, finally
Home, finally homeward bound and yes, this beach is ours
this ocean now our Home, and that is all we have and all
we need, there is no hesitation in this moment because this is
indeed All we have, O, All we will have, All we will have eternally.

(written February 25th, 2009, on the beach during a rain shower on the Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach near Biarritz, sitting on a dune, watching some surfers on the waves. I had told them I would write a poem for them while watching. After their surfing, the poem was finished and I read it to them. A magic moment!)


Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach, February 25th, 2009

Distant traveller

I am a distant traveller, the realms I
visit are as far away as are my eyes
to starlight being born, they glitter
and they keep inviting, light years
pass, a silent voice keeps ringing,
the time clock of my mind, still I
am sure eventually our hearts will
sing in tune, O yes, I am a distant
traveller, and when by chance your
eyes meet mine when passing by
then linger for a while, as if you’re
waiting for a miracle, O yes, be sure,
a faint reflection then will make you
smile, close to the border you will
recognize, close to the border you
will enter, close to the border you
will breathe in realms of gold, in Heart
and Soul and be a distant traveller,
as starlight being born.

Sea Of Soul ~ SOS

As waves are to the sea so time is to
the mind: moments come and go, then
come again, and if we try to hold them,
and cherish what they offer they just
go again, but always something then
is left behind, not for the eye to see
but for the Heart to feel, and finally,
when we stop wondering where all
this is coming from, we are ready to
receive, our eyes then open, as time
is to the mind and waves are to the sea,
so Love is to our Soul, eventually.

(filmed at Sint-André beach, Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Music/Tenorflute: Bert Evens ‘Noble Silence’


I must confess I love your soothing words
much more when they are quoting me,
I must confess I love your sparkling eyes
much more when they are reading me,
I must confess I love your waving hands
much more when they are touching me,
I must confess I love your walking feet
much more when they are nearing me,
I must confess I love your smiling lips
much more when they are kissing me,
I must confess the more you follow me,
the more you talk of me, the more you
breathe with me, the more you drink
and taste the heart of me, the more your
dreams mirror the soul of me, I grow,
I shine, a lighthouse on the mountaintop,
a beacon in the storm, the Pole Star of
your universe,  but most of all I must
confess all this is nothing, and in the end
just shadow dancing compared to Your reply


Eternities ago, there was a window opening
the ceilings of my youth, a wormhole to a Star
unseen, split seconds opened as a pair of
wings, uplifting, ocean deep, a blue reminder
of a dream yet to be dreamt, taking my life
back to the womb it barely had outlived: was
it perhaps Your wish  to take me back, because
my journey here had to Your Eye fulfilled Your
imprinted demand?  I stayed, forgot about Your
Call, ignored the Love so generously poured
into my Soul and went to sleep, and so retired
I walked blindfolded, equally guided, and
with each step  the window narrowed, leaving
only a faint and distant ray,  forgotten scent,
the remnant of a slow perfume, disintegrating.
And now, You’re here again, it’s through the
door You enter now,  and no, no more can I
ignore,  Your wish was not retirement for me,
there is a Life to live, and wings to spread, a
million waves to dance to on an ocean breeze,
through the wormhole, born again, I breathe,
I thank You then, and silently I recognize
sometimes it’s better to retire, to wind up, so
as better to give way to Life’s umbilical cord,
the imprinted Fire of our Heart and Soul.

(picture: tree rings and nodes)

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