Healing Heart Meditation

You’ll be surprised by the healing effects… Go Full Screen. See how each second new images arise… bring birth to new possibilities… Watch and watch again… let your thoughts flow, tune in with the whirling, changing clouds, breathe… let go… be healed and  inspired by the Divine Breath of “The One Who Gives Birth To God”.

(Video composed of 95 pictures in sequence during a 2 minute time lapse pointing at one identical sky fragment, taken with Nikon D5000 camera ~autofocus on July, 19th, 2011, Leuven, Belgium, Music: Ave Maria)


What are we looking for, since what we
hope to find has always been at heart.
There is a seagull gliding proudly on
the breeze, waving, calling but we keep
on turning our own wheel of fortune.
How then could we stumble on a hidden
treasure if what we hope to find has always
been at heart? We have forgotten how its
beating was a steady compass even during
stormy weather. We have forgotten how
its silent drum never once let us down.
How could we not but tenderly accept
its offering? What are we hiding from?
Is it our fear to be discovered, to be
left uncovered by the wings of Love?
Then what we’re looking for is not our
heart’s desire, but only heart’s disease,
and to be cured we need to listen to the
seagull’s call. When we are looking for
that hidden treasure then the map is
here, we wrote it on the breeze, waving,
calling, gliding proudly, easily.

(picture taken @ Biarritz, France, Atlantic Ocean)

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