Good writing makes a difference


Dear friends, I don’t usually recommend ‘living’ writers, but in this case, I make an exception: please read the work of Charles Bivona now & then. I’ve not yet met him IRL (one of the items on my bucket list though), but he is (excuse me for using the word) a damned good writer (and a professor too). His work is often autobiographical, very recognizable and he has “the gift of the word”. When you read his work it feels as if you’re looking into a mirror: this is real life and yet there’s a fictional touch to it which makes his work stand out and lifts it out of the ordinary. The way he mingles society and literature & arts into his own writing and view of the world (and beyond) gives me hope: yes, we can; yes: good writing can make a diference in this world which is overwhelmed by violence, war and hate nowadays, yes, there is hope! Thank you Charles for being who you are, and for sharing your work & thoughts with us, with the world! Yes: your writing makes me feel better!

Website of Charles Bivona:

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