Silent Songs

Mira 090

I know that oceans are,
(let’s keep in touch)
I know that oceans are,
I know,
that’s how I know you know me,
I know,
although we never touched,
no hands, no waving,
no murmur soft
in passing by,
only with eyes,
singing silent songs
but even then I know,
I know you know me
There is a sun to greet and
in these nights, when all have
gone to sleep, we are awake,
singing silent songs
that’s how we keep in touch
that’s how I know you know me,
I feel your breath hovering
around a crescent moon,
those clouds can’t hardly
cover all our longing,
and in the meantime,
I know you know me,
I know you knew me then,
as waves left free on beaches
to linger for a while,
singing silent songs
and then the sand,
the pebbled shore,
it testifies of longing,
the hunger taken in
and shared,
I know you know me
I know you won’t forget
I keep on walking beaches,
to linger for a while,
singing silent songs
that’s how we keep in touch
I know that oceans are
(let’s keep in touch)
I know that oceans are

image: Praia de Mira, Portugal, July 2013


Rainbow 003

I have seen tides high and low
and I have seen the people in between,
I have seen beaches rocked and stoned,
while others then were soft and clean,
O, were they sweet!
A tidal fragrance left there,
a reminder of times in between,
I’ve seen the rich, I’ve seen the poor,
I’ve seen the saint, I’ve seen the whore,
I’ve seen them live, I’ve seen them die,
I’ve seen how tides came high and low,
I’ve seen the mists, I’ve seen the rain,
I’ve seen how moons came down to bleed
while suns came back to dry up all this greed,
but never was there any grief
for those who lived here in between,
who with a dying murmur testified
of tidal fragrance left now rocked
and stoned, the blue reminder
of times that came here in between.

(written at bar “Le K’Fé”, July 2013, Mimizan-Plage, France ~ picture taken at Nazaré, Portugal)

Roadtrip 2013 Sunset Drive through The Falaise Pocket Normandy France

This is what a roadtrip is about: driving, and then be so lucky to drive alongside a beautiful sunset on a straight road, and… just having your dashboard camera rolling. The smooth sound of the engine running in cruise control mode, the wind, being almost alone, some cars and trucks passing on the highway, and the sun dancing with and through the trees: these are magical moments! This is also one of the historic battlefields of World War 2: The Falaise pocket, where the German Second Army was trapped by the Allied Forces, this gives this drive an extra emotional extra… For the History on this devastating battlefield see: Last year I was on these roads too and I also made a video (only with ‘still’ pictures, see: a remarkable set of coincidences happened there, but that’s always the case when ‘you have no roadplan, but only the road’…

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