Roaming In The Womb Of Being

 “There’s a beautiful strength going out from you”

~ ‘There’s a beautiful strength going out from you,
there’s a beautiful source in you,
so if we unite in harmony,
together we can be a stream,
a stream of love and compassion,
of joy and equanimity,
refreshing each dale,
by tracing the path of living mindfully.’

Composition/Lyrics: Bert Evens / Arrangement: Mudita
Sung by Bert Evens & Jyoti Singh

Steel Art Work:
” Vagina, Cathedral of Religion” by Frans De Medts, Oostduinkerke, Belgium

Photography & Lay Out:

Charter Of Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

Originally I wrote these words as a “Charter”, & as most of my poetry these words came ‘inspired’, as in the Latin ‘in’ + ‘spirare’ = breathed into > it’s what incessantly calls me to be expressed by the Alma Mater, Womb of Being. This Charter is meant to serve as the basis of what might once become a school. Today I dedicate these words  to the victims of the Norway Massacre & all innocent victims of violence, unjustice and deprivation worldwide.

AVE MARIA ~ Prayer To Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

11 Times 2:

1.   Find the Silence In Your Father’s Words
2.   Go With Passion, Motherly
3.   Consume The Neverending, The Flaming Fire 0f Your Heart
4.   Burn Desire With A Golden Touch
5.   Walk With Wind And Carrying Clouds
6.   Dance With Words And Not To Speak
7.   Change With Seasons In Eternity
8.   Build A Home 0n Water Drown In Tears
9.   Fly With Wings, Never Descend, Still Walk On Earth
10. Watch The Sunrise Of Your Innate Being
11. Laugh, Love, Never Leave


Music: “Noble Silence”, Bert Evens (Composition & Tenor Flute)

Production & Photopgraphy:
(Pictures taken @ Garden Shrine)

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