whale 1

The Whales are crying out,
O ~ the flocks, the flocks of
seagulls gather, while high
above the clouds are darkening
The Whales are crying out,
it is the rain and not the Sun
that’s driving them away from
their homeland in the Deep Blue
The Whales are crying out,
their songs echo the craving for
that  long forgotten  melody
from Stars only to dream about.
The whales are crying out
while I am walking all those
beaches that mingled with the
blood of ages, and I freeze
[O tune, O healing tune I need You]
The Whales are crying out,
but faintly through their pain,
they know one silent sunray
shall suffice to lit their eye,
remebrance of a distant echo,
that distant murmur of horizons dear
the echo of the Promised Land
that Paradise where all in tune
are One
Listen, Listen: that’s why
the Whales are crying out.

(img via The Garden Of Eaden.com)

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