Well there it is: I’m speechless, I watch my breath
and it is empty, imagine clouds desperately looking
for a sky to populate, or birds lacking support to
spread their wings and fly, I’m speechless, watching
the horizon as it has just swallowed my last word,
and with it all it had to offer, not being sure if there
will ever be a dawn to unfold whatever meaning was
still hidden in its womb, I am aborted, speechless,
even the memory has left together with the smell
that hand in hand accompanied this precious treasure,
it’s gone, and here I wonder whether it is time to go
to sleep and to surrender, to lower now this useless flag,
where are the eyes, where are the ears to spot, where
is the home to enter, what harbor is it that would
welcome this forgotten sail, where are the hands
to comfort, I am speechless, but suddenly I realize
that there is room to fill, and unannounced one tear
touches my lips, and then another, and another still,
until I am no longer able to resist, I am flooded, for
every breath I take there is a wave, and the more I
breathe the more the waves keep rolling, on and on,
I become an ocean and I wake up to a new horizon,
and there it is: I’m speechless at this sight of nearing
fleets, a multitude of sails and waving flags are coloring
the dawn, then I remember, by letting go my last word
thus became the key to unlock what beyond meaning
is the keeper of the mystery, O yes, there is a deeper
womb, it is speechless, but it breathes, it is the silent
birthplace of eternity.

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