Eternities ago, there was a window opening
the ceilings of my youth, a wormhole to a Star
unseen, split seconds opened as a pair of
wings, uplifting, ocean deep, a blue reminder
of a dream yet to be dreamt, taking my life
back to the womb it barely had outlived: was
it perhaps Your wish  to take me back, because
my journey here had to Your Eye fulfilled Your
imprinted demand?  I stayed, forgot about Your
Call, ignored the Love so generously poured
into my Soul and went to sleep, and so retired
I walked blindfolded, equally guided, and
with each step  the window narrowed, leaving
only a faint and distant ray,  forgotten scent,
the remnant of a slow perfume, disintegrating.
And now, You’re here again, it’s through the
door You enter now,  and no, no more can I
ignore,  Your wish was not retirement for me,
there is a Life to live, and wings to spread, a
million waves to dance to on an ocean breeze,
through the wormhole, born again, I breathe,
I thank You then, and silently I recognize
sometimes it’s better to retire, to wind up, so
as better to give way to Life’s umbilical cord,
the imprinted Fire of our Heart and Soul.

(picture: tree rings and nodes)


As Moon to Sun
So Ice to Water
As Silence is to
Words and Sand
to Sea, so are the
Waves Eternity,
the everlasting
Presence of Your

Sunset @ Afsluitdijk, The Netherlands, May 2011

The Source

The never changing
is the source of change
therefore one changes
constantly to understand
the never changing,
when one is breathing,
one is changing,
when one stops breathing
one is changing,
when one stops thinking,
one meets the Source,
that’s why
the never changing
is the Source of Change.

Full Moon

As is the moon to our full eye so are
our dreams remembrance of souls
on journeys past, we laugh when
looking up, we cry when looking
down, but when we meet that inward
eye, that light is shining bright telling
our story truthfully, as eagles then to
heaven we will rise though earthbound
still, our journey here we track, but shall
the truth be out no words will lack, full
moon will speak and the eternal soul
will look us in the eye.

Picture above taken on March 19, 2011, 19:24,  in the field near Zaventem Airport, Belgium, at the rising of a “Super Moon”

All Souls

I know that finally my soul
will leave this nest that once
grew out of the fire of Love’s
call and like a bird then it will
fly into the night so gently
touched while focusing the
turning point for a new journey
But when it meets the distant
call of home this soul of mine
shall want no more and shall
into Eternal Presence
settle down and
come to rest

(above: “Heart & Soul” Nebulae, IC 1848,
6,500 light-years away in Cassiopeia)

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