I drove you, drove you in my car,
you were young, so young, yet
million years away, the day was
(as is this day, it is young too)
it had the promise of a yesterday
embedded in its Womb,
and there You were,
I drove you, I drove you through
a million journeys, music all around,
I saw you, I saw you in my car,
and you were not alone,
a scent of you is all you left,
a million, million miles away,
I never thought that from afar
I would reach out,
a hesitating thought,
a mesmerizing youth so full of life,
I watch you, watch you from afar,
I scent you, scent you in my car
a million times, one million maybe
more, that’s all there is,
it’s more than ever dreamt of,
I dream you, dream you in my car,
this thought of you is penetrating,
incense, a million ways, more journeys,
I want you, I want you in my life,
a million times,
one million,
maybe more

(Aarschot, Belgium, Church Our Lady, Tuesday September 22nd, 2015, 13:01)

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