Children “Drive” The Cars in Oradour

This little girl suddenly looked into my lens.. The picture was taken at Oradour-sur-Glane, “Village Martyr” in Dordogne, France. If you don’t know what happened here on June 10th, 1944, go to “Wikipdia Oradour“.

This girl’s eyes, offering a mirror and a window on past & present, staring at us before entering the church confessional (the church was burned with 160+ women & children in it…) seem to speak: “Believe that LIGHT always shall prevail & win from Darkness!” > I believe her, yes, I do!

> another girl @ Oradour > I believe her too, yes, I do!

> a poem I wrote a while ago…


Be welcome but beware, there is some
hidden malware in the air, like as
the smell of unknown flowers, easily
to be attracted to, mysterious in their
uncovered nakedness, the closer to
the dawn, the deeper darkness sings,
the more this tune is penetrating,
the more shall be the suffocating,
beware, beware, and when the call
is near remember: be welcome but
be still, be as a newly born, grown in
the warmth of paradise, nourish your
hunger as a mother, not as a bee, be
welcome but beware, there is only
one song to share, and if in any doubt
whether to follow or step out, return,
escape, escape, before the door behind
is closing, and choose for the familiar
smell, the doubtless one, the only one
which purpose is to make you breathe,
to be as morning Sun, to be as you were
meant to be.


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