My soul is ageless as a star,
not yet discovered, but
present for the matching eye,
should you one day then dig
for gold and find my heart,
be gentle, before you reach
be sure, because once opened
it will travel at the speed of light,
and finally, when both unite,
this newborn constellation
will only be for you to recognize.

(picture “Milky Way Galaxy”
> )


“So streams the fullness into you,
when things and thoughts cannot contain it.”
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
the way You keep on pouring is as
boundless as the Sea, even when
darkness is surrounding me, still
You keep pouring, even when I’m
at a loss for words Your Silence is
a beacon, I can rest assured, O yes,
I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
when storms are roaring, when on
my way all doors are closing, when
nowhere is a refuge to be found, my
little lamp consumed, and to the rim
my cup is filled, still You keep pouring,
O yes, I cannot be but grateful for the
Love You pour abundantly  into my Soul.


Soul Healing Sun Meditation

Go Full Screen and watch this Soul Healing Meditation… relax while the Sun is setting. Breathe… let go…. then watch again, mark how your thoughts wander and focus on new images…. breathe… let go… be healed and transformed  by the Power of  Light bearing Energy.

95 picture sequence  taken in 10 minute time lapse @ Antwerp Harbour
Music: “What makes your heart beat?” Composition/Percussion:
Bert Evens & Mudita

Satellite Souls

I woke up this morning while the night
was slowly loosening its last embrace
leaving her sorrows in a million diamonds
on the grass and as the sun is setting they
too will soon have to surrender their richness
in safekeeping to the smiling moon and both
today are travellers on different paths but
should they meet for a brief moment out of
the darkness an eternal treasure will instantly
enlighten our satellite souls.

Sea Of Soul ~ SOS

As waves are to the sea so time is to
the mind: moments come and go, then
come again, and if we try to hold them,
and cherish what they offer they just
go again, but always something then
is left behind, not for the eye to see
but for the Heart to feel, and finally,
when we stop wondering where all
this is coming from, we are ready to
receive, our eyes then open, as time
is to the mind and waves are to the sea,
so Love is to our Soul, eventually.

(filmed at Sint-André beach, Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Music/Tenorflute: Bert Evens ‘Noble Silence’

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