Sea Of Soul ~ SOS

As waves are to the sea so time is to
the mind: moments come and go, then
come again, and if we try to hold them,
and cherish what they offer they just
go again, but always something then
is left behind, not for the eye to see
but for the Heart to feel, and finally,
when we stop wondering where all
this is coming from, we are ready to
receive, our eyes then open, as time
is to the mind and waves are to the sea,
so Love is to our Soul, eventually.

(filmed at Sint-André beach, Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Music/Tenorflute: Bert Evens ‘Noble Silence’


As Moon to Sun
So Ice to Water
As Silence is to
Words and Sand
to Sea, so are the
Waves Eternity,
the everlasting
Presence of Your

Sunset @ Afsluitdijk, The Netherlands, May 2011

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