She walks on rainbows, reaches out
beyond a million stars, and up and
down she goes upon the waves the sun
so gently pours and pours again over
the oceans and the seas, she sees, and
yet, yet deeper still, silently hidden in
her secret room nobody knows about
but she, there, in the precious chamber
of her Soul, there is this longing,
the longing for the Love as promised,
as given when she came to Be, so Ana
then, she is the only keeper of her
golden key, the key that will unlock
the gates of Paradise and only then
will Ana Be, become the Angel she
is meant to Be.

(written on the way back from Santiago De Compostella > Spain, prov Santander, Torrelavega)

Charter Of Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

Originally I wrote these words as a “Charter”, & as most of my poetry these words came ‘inspired’, as in the Latin ‘in’ + ‘spirare’ = breathed into > it’s what incessantly calls me to be expressed by the Alma Mater, Womb of Being. This Charter is meant to serve as the basis of what might once become a school. Today I dedicate these words  to the victims of the Norway Massacre & all innocent victims of violence, unjustice and deprivation worldwide.

AVE MARIA ~ Prayer To Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

11 Times 2:

1.   Find the Silence In Your Father’s Words
2.   Go With Passion, Motherly
3.   Consume The Neverending, The Flaming Fire 0f Your Heart
4.   Burn Desire With A Golden Touch
5.   Walk With Wind And Carrying Clouds
6.   Dance With Words And Not To Speak
7.   Change With Seasons In Eternity
8.   Build A Home 0n Water Drown In Tears
9.   Fly With Wings, Never Descend, Still Walk On Earth
10. Watch The Sunrise Of Your Innate Being
11. Laugh, Love, Never Leave


Music: “Noble Silence”, Bert Evens (Composition & Tenor Flute)

Production & Photopgraphy:
(Pictures taken @ Garden Shrine)

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