What happens when the snow has melted?
The undercovered now returns to light,
my eyes have to adjust and for a moment now
it seems as if the world becomes a darker place,
it is returning to the homeland without feeling
home, as if it were another one who has now
occupied the ground, the landlord long forgotten
and his name not welcome anymore, though
everything is still in place, there is an uninhabited
emptiness not leaving any room for memories,
it feels as an awakening to new beginnings,
the only company old tools to start reboot.
What happens when the snow has melted?
Tell me the truth, uncover then discover how
everything what at first sight lay hidden, now
is adjusted and waiting for your memory
to get stored, so focus right, become new light,
be the blueprint that the snow has melted.

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No dream has ever been the same,
they came and went as ocean waves,
horizons took the shape of trees,
the sheets to all their floating leaves,
each time I walked down memory beach,
each wave returned taking the best of me,
the more I begged for repetition, the more
I lost to season’s tidings, tracks washed away,
forgotten words embracing forests, abandoned
children craving for a home, no dream has ever
been the same, but still , when sleep is overtaking,
I wake up to new beginnings, and faintly in between
a scent is left, one wave leaving the nest, the uplift of
a memory looking for shelter, a shoulder for the coming
storm, one womb becoming then the home land of oblivion.

(picture taken @ Wissant, Nord-Pas de Calais, France)

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