I hear a calling
and instantly
my mind
is like a river
fed with clouds
hastening to the sea
O my heart
is beating fast and
through my veins
the water flows
when suddenly
a faint,
yet gentle drum
is playing
a familiar melody
so it’s upstream
I turn my little boat
to finally come home
and recognize
the paradise
I was born into


Once there was a river and the water sang to me,
I crossed its melody and answered with a tear or
two, then went on, forgot about what I had left
behind, there always is a better road in mind so
I was told, and don’t look back, just go ahead,
and follow what is written, and I did, till finally
I reached a beach that stretched to the horizon,
as if the sand had swallowed all the sea, and there
I wept, and wept, then came a wave or two,
and took me in, in tune for a familiar melody.

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