“So streams the fullness into you,
when things and thoughts cannot contain it.”
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
the way You keep on pouring is as
boundless as the Sea, even when
darkness is surrounding me, still
You keep pouring, even when I’m
at a loss for words Your Silence is
a beacon, I can rest assured, O yes,
I cannot be but grateful for the Love
so poured abundantly into my Soul,
when storms are roaring, when on
my way all doors are closing, when
nowhere is a refuge to be found, my
little lamp consumed, and to the rim
my cup is filled, still You keep pouring,
O yes, I cannot be but grateful for the
Love You pour abundantly  into my Soul.


Charter Of Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

Originally I wrote these words as a “Charter”, & as most of my poetry these words came ‘inspired’, as in the Latin ‘in’ + ‘spirare’ = breathed into > it’s what incessantly calls me to be expressed by the Alma Mater, Womb of Being. This Charter is meant to serve as the basis of what might once become a school. Today I dedicate these words  to the victims of the Norway Massacre & all innocent victims of violence, unjustice and deprivation worldwide.

AVE MARIA ~ Prayer To Our Lady Of The Rainbow Roses

11 Times 2:

1.   Find the Silence In Your Father’s Words
2.   Go With Passion, Motherly
3.   Consume The Neverending, The Flaming Fire 0f Your Heart
4.   Burn Desire With A Golden Touch
5.   Walk With Wind And Carrying Clouds
6.   Dance With Words And Not To Speak
7.   Change With Seasons In Eternity
8.   Build A Home 0n Water Drown In Tears
9.   Fly With Wings, Never Descend, Still Walk On Earth
10. Watch The Sunrise Of Your Innate Being
11. Laugh, Love, Never Leave


Music: “Noble Silence”, Bert Evens (Composition & Tenor Flute)

Production & Photopgraphy: http://www.boutman.com
(Pictures taken @ Garden Shrine)

Dancing Eagles


and look with me

let’s listen
to the swing
of those great wings

and hear with me
there is the trumpet
of wise majesty

and feel with me
the magic of their heart
beating with mystery

with their flow
again again
until our blood
is flying through our veins
and we are lifted

Then dance
let’s dance
to the blue rhythm
of our Ladies call

And though
we are earthbound
they take us
to our Father’s ground
a distant valley
on a drop of wind

and breathe with me
into this ancient melody

and look with me
there is a paradise to see

and feel with me
there is the water
of that endless sea

and flow with me
there is a being beyond me

and swing with me
love this eagle
feel it fly in Thee

”…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:31)


image on top: Larry Medcalfe


Yes, I must confess again
I like to float in, float on
water, a surface somewhere
in between a mountain
high and river deep, this
floating then becoming
ship at the horizon, I,
drink deep, the more
the getting there the less
I see, the more consumed
the more your Light is
piercing, one single Moon
beam in the darkest night,
a golden touch to warm
up icy water, O Yes, I
must confess again I like
to float on water somewhere
in between, a yesterday
embracing time, a you,
a me, and I

picture above taken & poem written @ Dominican Abbey ~Courtyard,
 Zwolle, The Netherlands, May 20th,  2011
Book presentation Kirsten Notten ‘Maria’s Dochter’,
the Mary statue below is Kirsten’s  powerful  “Memorare”


(France,Biarritz, Rocher De La Vierge & Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Atlantic Ocean beach)

Sometimes we hesitate between tomorrow and today,
the burden of yesterday upon our shoulders as an ocean
wave, too heavy for a ride. Sometimes we hesitate upon
that selfsame wave, we hesitate, we linger, we listen to
the wind perhaps there is a message there before we
drown in thoughts about these waves that on and on roar
through our heads as a forgotten love, long, long forgotten
but present, each second coming, coming and again:
you see Here face in front of you, with every hand She
lays upon the beach a deadly kiss, but still this wind is
irresistible, is loud and clear and yet again we hesitate,
shall we then sing with Her this ancient melody, written
in a thousand pebbles on the shore? Sometimes we hesitate
between tomorrow and today, the burden of a yesterday
upon our shoulders as an ocean wave, but once the die is cast
we fly, O we sing, we dance and glide, no cold can hold us
back, this beach is ours and we meet our Love, we roll and
turn, become the Wave, Her arms around us, gently rocking,
Her voice a lullaby we recognize from first we entered, O
yes, and here She is, for us only for us, and up and down
we go, we roll and rock, we shout exhilarated, we enter in
Her curve, She is inviting us again, again, Her wave a womb
to live our lives so fast and faster still until the winter carries
us above the water, we have wings and eagle like we leave
the cave, invited by the Sun as if we were a newborn Star,
O yes, we shine, we shine with our new Light years and
years ahead, beyond all hesitation found our Love, finally
Home, finally homeward bound and yes, this beach is ours
this ocean now our Home, and that is all we have and all
we need, there is no hesitation in this moment because this is
indeed All we have, O, All we will have, All we will have eternally.

(written February 25th, 2009, on the beach during a rain shower on the Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach near Biarritz, sitting on a dune, watching some surfers on the waves)


(animation via http://www.pimpmyspace.org/ )

Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach, February 25th, 2009
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