When on my journey
I was thirsty
you gave me
when I was looking
for a way
out of this desert
you gave me
the key
when I at night
was searching
in the sky
for a new light
you gave
a million torches
and so,
I went to  sleep

Full Moon

As is the moon to our full eye so are
our dreams remembrance of souls
on journeys past, we laugh when
looking up, we cry when looking
down, but when we meet that inward
eye, that light is shining bright telling
our story truthfully, as eagles then to
heaven we will rise though earthbound
still, our journey here we track, but shall
the truth be out no words will lack, full
moon will speak and the eternal soul
will look us in the eye.

Picture above taken on March 19, 2011, 19:24,  in the field near Zaventem Airport, Belgium, at the rising of a “Super Moon”

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