ANTILLIA School Project

This Summer of 2012 I finally made a dream come true, a dream I cherished more than 30 years ago (1979) when I started my ‘professional’ life as a secondary school teacher (see “Aboutman“): creating my own school. In August we start with a first “course”/ workshop which also is a holiday on “COINCIDENCE / SYNCHRONICITY / TOEVAL”. We do this at a beautiful & powerful location in Dordogne/Périgord, France from August 3rd to August 10th 2012. Always welcome!
For more info (e.g. on the name of the school), other courses, workshops, holidays etc just go to: ANTILLIA

We hope to welcome you, as a student, as a teacher  or as just YOU in the TIME to come 🙂

The Identity Code

I believe what Larry Ackerman points out is true: “You can’t be anything you want to be in this life, because we are all governed by a sense of identity that was born into us. Every human being’s identity is absolutely formed at the moment of conception. So we have to first understand who we are and if we live according to who we are, we are going to be far happier people”… It is an eye-opener to discover that each individual has 1 main unique  talent to share with the world, and by discovering (or better re-discovering) one can truly say: this is what I am here for. So I dare say: one’s identity is not a dream it is reality to be unfolded.


His book “The Identity Code” certainly is worthwhile reading on your path of discovering who you are. Furthermore it is practical, understandable and concise.

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