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All Souls

I know that finally my soul
will leave this nest that once
grew out of the fire of Love’s
call and like a bird then it will
fly into the night so gently
touched while focusing the
turning point for a new journey
But when it meets the distant
call of home this soul of mine
shall want no more and shall
into Eternal Presence settle down
and come to rest


Yes, I must confess again: I like to float in,
float on water, a surface somewhere in
between a mountain high and river deep,
this floating then becoming ship at the horizon,
I drink deep, the more the getting there
the less I see, the more consumed the more
your Light is piercing, one single Moon beam
in the darkest night, a golden touch to warm up
icy water, O Yes, I must confess again I like to float
in, float on  water somewhere in between,
a yesterday embracing time, a you, a me, and I


This house will always welcome
those who parted and as today
the moon is  out, faithful, like
a candle waiting to be  lit,
it is longing for familiar voices:
so when I go to sleep I trust
my soul to the enlightening
comfort of Your embrace, O,
then I know this is the Home
that I was called to  and I shine