My soul is ageless as a star,
not yet discovered, but
present for the matching eye,
should you one day then dig
for gold and find my heart,
be gentle, before you reach
be sure, because once opened
it will travel at the speed of light,
and finally, when both unite,
this newborn constellation
will only be for you to recognize.

(picture “Milky Way Galaxy”
> )

Distant traveller

I am a distant traveller, the realms I
visit are as far away as are my eyes
to starlight being born, they glitter
and they keep inviting, light years
pass, a silent voice keeps ringing,
the time clock of my mind, still I
am sure eventually our hearts will
sing in tune, O yes, I am a distant
traveller, and when by chance your
eyes meet mine when passing by
then linger for a while, as if you’re
waiting for a miracle, O yes, be sure,
a faint reflection then will make you
smile, close to the border you will
recognize, close to the border you
will enter, close to the border you
will breathe in realms of gold, in Heart
and Soul and be a distant traveller,
as starlight being born.

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