The choice to be is not an easy one,
though as for living, there is no
forgetting, as waves roll on and on
so is the air I breathe, in and out,
so is the being of the Soul, and yes,
it is for free, no choice has to be made,
you are the One, the only One,
to read and be as morning Sun.

Changing Lanes

What is to win from changing lanes?
The moment when we choose another
path is always hazardous: agreed,
it takes us to another point of view,
but still reality is there, the mind is
tricky, what at first glimpse seems
obvious on second glance becomes
a trap, so what is there to win from
changing lanes? The road ahead
sometimes is mystery, and if we crave
to be enlightened on our daily quest
it’s better to give way: the moment
we are given guidance then becomes
a precious gift, should you then still
be hesitating whether yes or no it is
a time for change remember this:
far better to engage in open battle
field than be defeated by the obvious.

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