Prayer to Saint Rumbold

On July 1st, we celebrate my patron’s feast: Saint Rumbold (Sint Rombout). A cathedral was built in his honour at Mechelen (Malines), Belgium, dating back to the 13th Century AD. His name means: rom= “wide, spacious, reknown, famous’ + bold = “bold, brave”

Therefore, I say a special prayer for all of us:

Today I come to Thee,
Saint Rumbold,
I offer You my Love,

grant me Your Blessing,
make me worthy
to live up to Your Name,

that I may equally be:
righteous, bold and brave,

especially in my darkest hours.
I pray to you to intercede
The Almighty,
to protect and guide

me, my loved ones,
and everyone in need of
Love, strength and courage.

Blessed are You,
Saint Rumbold,

I honor Thee and kneel
before You,
Wise, Brave and Bold
Prophet Of The Soul,

grant me Your Vista.


Saint-Rumbold’s Cathedral, Mechelen (Malines), Belgium, detail from a painting my father, Ferdinand Vercnocke, made at my request (see more here)

Vandaag kom ik tot U,
Heilige Rombout,
Ik bied U mijn Liefde,
verleen mij Uw Zegen,
maak dat ik waardig ben
te leven naar Uw Naam,
en dat ik ook moge zijn:
moedig en dapper,
en zeker in ’t donkerst
mijner uren.

Ik bid om Uw Voorspraak
bij de Allerhoogste,
tot bescherming en leiding
voor mij, mijn dierbaren,
en allen die nood hebben
aan Liefde, Kracht en Moed.
Gezegend zijt Gij,
Heilige Rombout,
ik eer U, kniel voor U,
Gij, de Wijze, de Dappere,
de Stoutmoedige
Profeet van de Ziel,
schenk mij Uw Vergezicht.



The legend tells us how Saint Rombout built a little church in Mechelen, and paid the workers more than their due. This aroused the rumour that he was very rich. When the Saint found out that one of his parishioners was cheating on his wife, he confronted him with the truth. The man was not pleased, and together with a ‘fellow in crime’ he forged a plan to murder the Saint and steal his money. After they killed him, they found out he was not so rich after all, and threw his body in the river. Instantly a bright light, as a spear from heaven, marked the spot where the Saint’s body was afloat. The killers fled, never to be apprehended.
The parishioners, overwhelmed with this sign, treated the body as if it were Jesus himself, and buried it in a prominent place in the church that the beloved Saint had build. Soon afterwards miracles and instant healings started, and to this day the cathedral  to believers and pilgrims is a local Lourdes, praying to Saint Rombout to grant them a favour.

Scientific research

The remains of Saint Rombout are kept in a shrine at his Cathedral, and just recently it was opened and investiged by scientists using the C14 method to date the evidence.
The scientist forensic work links the evidence to a man between 30/40 years of age and approx 6 feet tall, suffering rachitis, but cured. His death is almost certainly to be situated between 580 AD and 655 AD. Other evidence points out that the man must have lived in a monastery, and taking into consideration the remarkable state of the remains and other findings, one can conclude that this would be a very close match to the Saint in question.

My Patron Saint

In Belgium we commemorate Saint Rombout on July 1st. The coincidence here is that I was born exactly a month earlier, on June 1st. So, each year on July 1st I pray to my patron Saint @ 1pm (13:00h) –I was born 1am ;-)  ) for his blessing and I invite all my beloved ones and friends to pray with me, wherever they are. If I can, I pray at the site of Our Lady Of Lourdes, in Humbeek, Belgium, since it is a beautiful and inspiring place, next to the river, and Humbeek has Saint Rombout as patron Saint too! There I can combine both my Father’s and my Mother’s calling :-)
Sometimes, I pray at Saint-Rombout’s Cathedral, or just at any suitable place when I’m ”on the road”.

To read more, click here.

Ave, Namaste, Pax Tibi

Sources: (full story on the murder of Sint Rombout – in Dutch)

Dancing Eagles


and look with me

let’s listen
to the swing
of those great wings

and hear with me
there is the trumpet
of wise majesty

and feel with me
the magic of their heart
beating with mystery

with their flow
again again
until our blood
is flying through our veins
and we are lifted

Then dance
let’s dance
to the blue rhythm
of our Ladies call

And though
we are earthbound
they take us
to our Father’s ground
a distant valley
on a drop of wind

and breathe with me
into this ancient melody

and look with me
there is a paradise to see

and feel with me
there is the water
of that endless sea

and flow with me
there is a being beyond me

and swing with me
love this eagle
feel it fly in Thee

”…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:31)


image on top: Larry Medcalfe


(France, Biarritz,  Sunset @ Rocher De La Vierge & Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Atlantic Ocean beach, February 25th, 2009, a magic moment in front of my lens)

Sometimes we hesitate between tomorrow and today,
the burden of yesterday upon our shoulders as an ocean
wave, too heavy for a ride. Sometimes we hesitate upon
that selfsame wave, we hesitate, we linger, we listen to
the wind perhaps there is a message there before we
drown in thoughts about these waves that on and on roar
through our heads as a forgotten love, long, long forgotten
but present, each second coming, coming and again:
you see Here face in front of you, with every hand She
lays upon the beach a deadly kiss, but still this wind is
irresistible, is loud and clear and yet again we hesitate,
shall we then sing with Her this ancient melody, written
in a thousand pebbles on the shore? Sometimes we hesitate
between tomorrow and today, the burden of a yesterday
upon our shoulders as an ocean wave, but once the die is cast
we fly, O we sing, we dance and glide, no cold can hold us
back, this beach is ours and we meet our Love, we roll and
turn, become the Wave, Her arms around us, gently rocking,
Her voice a lullaby we recognize from first we entered, O
yes, and here She is, for us only for us, and up and down
we go, we roll and rock, we shout exhilarated, we enter in
Her curve, She is inviting us again, again, Her wave a womb
to live our lives so fast and faster still until the winter carries
us above the water, we have wings and eagle like we leave
the cave, invited by the Sun as if we were a newborn Star,
O yes, we shine, we shine with our new Light years and
years ahead, beyond all hesitation found our Love, finally
Home, finally homeward bound and yes, this beach is ours
this ocean now our Home, and that is all we have and all
we need, there is no hesitation in this moment because this is
indeed All we have, O, All we will have, All we will have eternally.

(written February 25th, 2009, on the beach during a rain shower on the Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach near Biarritz, sitting on a dune, watching some surfers on the waves. I had told them I would write a poem for them while watching. After their surfing, the poem was finished and I read it to them. A magic moment!)


Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach, February 25th, 2009

Sea Of Soul ~ SOS

As waves are to the sea so time is to
the mind: moments come and go, then
come again, and if we try to hold them,
and cherish what they offer they just
go again, but always something then
is left behind, not for the eye to see
but for the Heart to feel, and finally,
when we stop wondering where all
this is coming from, we are ready to
receive, our eyes then open, as time
is to the mind and waves are to the sea,
so Love is to our Soul, eventually.

(filmed at Sint-André beach, Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Music/Tenorflute: Bert Evens ‘Noble Silence’


I must confess I love your soothing words
much more when they are quoting me,
I must confess I love your sparkling eyes
much more when they are reading me,
I must confess I love your waving hands
much more when they are touching me,
I must confess I love your walking feet
much more when they are nearing me,
I must confess I love your smiling lips
much more when they are kissing me,
I must confess the more you follow me,
the more you talk of me, the more you
breathe with me, the more you drink
and taste the heart of me, the more your
dreams mirror the soul of me, I grow,
I shine, a lighthouse on the mountaintop,
a beacon in the storm, the Pole Star of
your universe,  but most of all I must
confess all this is nothing, and in the end
just shadow dancing compared to Your reply

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