Song of the Dancing Eagles

and look with me
let’s listen
to the swing of those great wings
and hear with me
there is the trumpet of wise majesty
and feel with me
the magic of their heart
beating with mystery
with their flow
again again
until our blood is flying through our veins
and we are lifted
Then dance
let’s dance
to the blue rhythm of our Lady’s call
And though we are earthbound
they take us to our Father’s ground
a distant valley on a drop of wind
and breathe with me
into this ancient melody
and look with me
there is a paradise to see
and feel with me
there is the water of that endless sea
and flow with me
there is a being beyond me
and swing with me
love this eagle
feel it fly in Thee

All Souls

I know that finally my soul
will leave this nest that once
grew out of the fire of Love’s
call and like a bird then it will
fly into the night so gently
touched while focusing the
turning point for a new journey
But when it meets the distant
call of home this soul of mine
shall want no more and shall
into Eternal Presence settle down
and come to rest

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