Imagine as this snow is melting how
a bird is opening its wings to welcome
a new dream, imagine  as your weeping
heart is beating how your eyes are looking
for a cloud, a shelter for your soul’s desire,
imagine as this day is closing how the night
is entering, its dark embrace invisible, silence
then, imagine as this snow is melting how
it welcomes you, whispering, arms only for
you, then fly, fly, so you melt too and woo.


There is little left, as if all the snow
has melted, all the birds unwinged,
fallen angels, lovers lost in agony,
their song is echoed by the water
now that keeps on pouring in my
home land, o, there is little left, a
treetop reaching out, six thousand
rings that lead to this, o, there is
little left, all has melted, lovers lost.


Once there was a river and the water sang to me,
I crossed its melody and answered with a tear or
two, then went on, forgot about what I had left
behind, there always is a better road in mind so
I was told, and don’t look back, just go ahead,
and follow what is written, and I did, till finally
I reached a beach that stretched to the horizon,
as if the sand had swallowed all the sea, and there
I wept, and wept, then came a wave or two,
and took me in, in tune for a familiar melody.

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