“We all share the same origins: the moments we were growing in our Mother’s Womb.”

Baby Boutman, 6 days out :-)

My name is Rombout Vercnocke. I was born on June 1st, 1955, in Ukkel, Belgium, which means that I came into being some 9 months earlier, around August/September 1954. I cannot be but grateful Love chose my father and mother to incarnate “this Soul of mine’. It took me quite a while to answer and live up to what Love’s true Call had imprinted in my Soul. In these pages I try to put this Call in words, images and sounds. Which is of course a continuing & never ending process…

Professionally, I’ve been a ‘Mother’tongue teacher for 30 years. The picture above was a birthday gift from my students a while ago. They presented it as a 1m² photograph, really impressive. It’s a mosaic of hundred of pictures they took during classes and moments together, composing 1 picture of me. The Dutch text says: “This can’t be a coincidence!”.  Again I cannot be but grateful!

Perhaps the greatest gift Love offered me: three sons (see picture below). They’re grown ups now and settled, with children of their own. In my life, as most people, I have had good times and bad. I learned from the latter, but seeing these sons now, I realize it were the former that made the difference, for the best.

In 2010 I made a quite important decision: I sold my house, bought a camper and now I’m taking a break from work to “hit the  road”:  traveling, writing, creating, exploring,  sharing, just being ‘me, myself and I': Oceanic Shaman, Poet, Master of Creative Silence, Voice  of Nothingness & Coincidence in the Womb of Being, touched by and responding to Our Ladies Call.

But, when you think you make important choices in life, life itself always has  a way of showing you there are other things to be done first: the past 2 years together with my sister, I’m taking care of my mother (93+). Recently she broke her shoulder and knee, so know we can do what she has done for us when we were young. Luckily she is as bright of mind as ever, she even does the editing of my writing! This time with her really is a blessing, more and more I become to realize what a great gift life is! I’m sure this time will once show its healing effect. So, a bit less traveling outside now, but it’s amazing that “the journey within” is limitless, and how things speed up once you keep still > kind of a “mother & son reunion’ :-)

I am a “womb poet”.
Here’s something a-bout the origin of the word “poet”:
 “c.1300, from O.Fr. poete (12c.), from L. poeta “poet, author,” from Gk. poetes “maker, author, poet,” from poiein “to make or compose,” from PIE *kwoiwo- “making,” from base *kwei- “to make” (cf. Skt. cinoti “heaping up, piling up,” O.C.S. cinu “act, deed, order”).” (Online Etymolgy)
And here something a-bout “womb”:
“O.E. wamb, womb “belly, uterus,” from P.Gmc. *wambo (cf. O.N. vomb, O.Fris. wambe, M.Du. wamme, Du. wam, O.H.G. wamba, Ger. Wamme “belly, paunch,” Goth. wamba “belly, womb,” O.E. umbor “child”), of unknown origin.”

That’s where my words come from, and with these words I try to create & give voice to what uncessingly asks to come out.

All this pretty much sums up what my “core” business is a-bout. I think my students hit the right key by “composing” that beautiful photograph on top, it piles up the mosaic which make me who I am, my identity (see “Interests”) :-)

A long term project is creating my own school, a place where creation can unfold itself, helping young people to find out what their true passion is. I consider this place as a “gap year” after secondary school, a kind of “lock” (sluice/gate) where their ship passes through so that it is better equipped to become “outward bound”. The first step has been taken > there is a website: “ANTILLIA” and there is a first ‘course‘. For the moment Home Base is my ‘womb on wheels’ (see ‘Roaming‘), which offers learning space for about 6 students.

I also organize the Sun & Moon Happenings around the Andromeda Fire Table, you’re always welcome if you want to experience the healing effect of Synchronicity & Coincidence ;-)

Now & then I am invited to speak, give workshops & seminars on this magnificent topic of coincidence & synchronicity > just love that :-)


Archery, Art, Bible, Closing, Coincidence, Colors, Creative Silence, Communication, Composing, Crying, Dancing, Deejaying, Directing, Diving, Driving, Filmmaking, Fire, Handwork, Heart, Helping, I Ching, Ice, Identity, Laughing, Listening, Literature, Loving, Maria Mater Verbi, Machinery, Me, Mother tongue, Mountaineering, Mysticism, Music, Numerology, Opening, Performing, Photography, Poetry, Radio, Recording, Roaming, Samson Smoking, Shamanism, Sharing, Singing, Sleeping, Soul, Source, Sports, Synchronicity, Waking, Water, Web design, Womb, Wood, Writing, You, Zen (..). Better is: “Roaming in the Womb of Being” that contains it all. :-)

More info  @ this blog’s page NOMEN: on the importance of your NAME  or, if you just want to dive into synchronicity and coincidence just go to:  boutmansite / boutmanfacebookpage / boutmantwitter / boutmanyoutube

Het woord “creatieve duizendpoot” geldt voor ieder van ons. Mijn overtuiging is dat we echter één overheersend talent/passie hebben, één bestaansreden die ons aanhoudend vraagt zich te ontplooien. Zolang we hieraan geen gehoor geven zullen we een gevoel van “onvolledigheid” ervaren, of afdwalen. Maar Liefde blijft geduldig, omdat Zij is, in jou, en eeuwig brandt en weet dat met jouw Vonk Haar Vuur wel ooit ontvlammen zal.


My soul is ageless as a star,
not yet discovered, but
present for the matching eye,
should you one day then dig
for gold and find my heart,
be gentle, before you reach
be sure, because once opened
it will travel at the speed of light,
and finally, when both unite,
this newborn constellation
will only be for you to recognize.


Thanks for your visit,
fly high, but keep your
feet on the ground,

with Love,
Rombout Vercnocke
phone: 0032 476523222
email: rom @ boutman. com

Boutman Womb Tree :-)

Boutman & Sons :) Embrace your blessings!

Boutman: “Wombout” on the road :-)

Poetry @ The Fire table

Rabindranath Tagore handwriting

PS > and don’t forget to spice everything up with a good sense of humour! :-)

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