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2017-12-14 sjamaan seconde

De Zingende Ziel der Dingen
Een liefdesjaar in brieven

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is embla-7.jpg

Wide Vercnocke

Illustrator, cartoonist, dichter-tekenaar.


Bert Vercnocke

Een geëngageerd team van jonge wetenschappers en filmmakers.


Goedele Vercnocke

Totale gezondheid:
wat is er mogelijk als mensen de weg inslaan naar hun ontwaken?


Do your Thing!


Picture above taken in Portugal, Praio do Norte, Nazaré, at the foot of the “Farol da Nazaré”, where the waves can take up Heights of 30 metres & more!

Boutman Road Movie: Go Full Screen @ max volume!
There is no roadplan, only The Road.
Roads in the video:
E40 Brussels/Liège,
countryside around Poperinge (Belgium),
the road to Falaise, Normandy, France:

40 minutes “butterfly” meditation:
“The butterfly does not count years, but moments, and therefore has enough time”
(Rabindranath Tagore, Nobelprize Literature winner 1913)
(filmed at my garden Chapel)

Flemish folkgroup “Laïs”, singing “Bruidsnacht” (“Bridal Night”)
with lyrics & paintings  by my father (1906-1989).
Dutch annotated, with English subtitles)

My Mother’s life (1919-2015)

My youngest son, paying tribute to his grandmother, my Mother, at her funeral (with English subtitles): “even vergeten ~ forgetting a while” (he’s a real “craftsman”, see his work here: )

Motherland: a poem I perform at the beach, next to a Second World War stronghold. A Tribute to all fallen on the beaches and beyond… (massive thanks to PJ Ardies “Sjiekong” for filming & editing into the dead of night!):

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