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(2x “live” gebracht door mijn studenten)

BOERE-CHARLESTON  Paul van Ostaijen (1927/1928, Miavoye-Anthée)


Uit “Nagelaten gedichten”

Roadtrip 2013 Sunset Drive through The Falaise Pocket Normandy France

This is what a roadtrip is about: driving, and then be so lucky to drive alongside a beautiful sunset on a straight road, and… just having your dashboard camera rolling. The smooth sound of the engine running in cruise control mode, the wind, being almost alone, some cars and trucks passing on the highway, and the sun dancing with and through the trees: these are magical moments! This is also one of the historic battlefields of World War 2: The Falaise pocket, where the German Second Army was trapped by the Allied Forces, this gives this drive an extra emotional extra… For the History on this devastating battlefield see: Last year I was on these roads too and I also made a video (only with ‘still’ pictures, see: a remarkable set of coincidences happened there, but that’s always the case when ‘you have no roadplan, but only the road’…



I feel there is some magic in the air
and it is looking for a home and
crying out, and all I have to do is
let it in and open up, O yes I know
I have the key to welcome this new
life, the rhythm of my heart beating
with Yours when we embrace and
dance, so now I shall surrender to
the music of Your soul and opening
the door I’ll give You room to breathe.

The Flames Of Change

This an I Ching reading inspired by something that happened two years ago. While ordening files on my computer, I stumbled on a 1min video I recorded in 2010 while attending a great joyful fire party in open air. I filmed the fire itself, but it wasn’t until now that I noticed a detail that didn’t strike me then. In the video below I included it and you can find out my thoughts & the connection with the I Ching on this remarkable coincidence. It proves to show that our vision on Time too often is limited by our restricted views on its development. Take your “time” ;-) , it’s a 22m22s video, andt that’s not a coincidence either, since afterwards I noticed it was the 22nd video I uploaded on Youtube :-)

The Flames Of Change :-)

Fire Dance :-)


Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer:

My poetic reply:

Enclosed I roam from star to star, I travel endlessly,
I whisper and my breath unfolds behind me as a vale,
a shooting star, a comet on its way and growing, growing
with each light-year passing by, O yes, there is much
pleasure in this roaming , it is creation of a Master Plan
and still this roaming is continuing, and when from time
to time I reach the boundaries of my confinement,
I feel a sudden shiver, as if some unseen hand is there
to push me back, or could it be the vale behind 
that keeps on  coming back, I wonder. So here I am,
inside and out, no matter how the journey goes,
there always will be worlds to enter and others then
to leave behind, the roaming will continue, on and on,
no ending, no beginning, so is the roaming in the Womb
of Being, the cavern of His Master’s Plan.